Autocross returns to Cruisin’ the Coast for its eighth year

Today at the Coast Coliseum, Cruisers had the opportunity to live out their Fast and Furious fantasies at one of the Coast’s most popular Cruisin’ events.

While some Cruisers like to sit back in a chair and watch the cars roll by, some look for the more thrilling moments in life.

This year at Cruisin’ the Coast, Autocross is back for its eighth year at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum to bring guests the most thrilling minute of their lives. Autocross Organizer Brian Finch said, “You got all these hot rods, you got all these amazing cars, you got this time and money into it and you can actually get out and use it, so you’re not just driving around sitting in traffic. You can come over here and have a lot of fun.”

Anyone who wants to participate in the event is welcome for absolutely no charge. Registered car owners simply pull up and ride the course while guests without cars can get in line to ride passenger with a professional driver through the Goodrich Share the Ride program. Autocross Organizer Jerry Cuevas said, “You know most these people with share the ride, 90 percent of them have never rode before a lot of them have but you know they get in line, they sign up book, and we put them in a car… let them go.”

While you’re in the car, it may feel like you’re going supersonic speeds, but in reality, you’re hitting a cool 45 miles per hour at max. “When that truck all of a sudden turn and then it goes and then it stops, your mind is telling you like wow you just can’t keep up with what’s going on, so it seems like you’re going faster than you actually are.”

Autocross is three-day event, running from 1 to 5 on Monday and 9 to 5 both Tuesday and Wednesday and invites anyone to come spectate or ride if you’re brave enough. “They get in line, never rode in a truck, and it’s a thrilling rush.”

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