Auto Cross Racing

As the engines rev up for the startup of auto cross one of the courses fastest drivers may have you looking twice but Gerald Gregory says having only one hand to steer has never slowed him down.

“It has not prevented me from doing anything. I might be two seconds off the fastest guys. Say the fastest guy is 44 seconds, usually my son is 2 seconds faster than I am on the track.”
– Gerald Gregory

A timed track marked with cones Cruisn’ the Coast’s Auto Cross paves the way for drivers to test just what their engines can handle.

“There’s a bunch of cones out there and it’s technical and there is some speed involved but it’s all done in a safe matter and you can really push yourself and have fun.”
– Brian Finch

Auto cross draws in a big crowd as people from all over line up to cheer on regulars like Gerald from Kentucky.

And newcomers like the Dragon Lady, who made the long haul from Arizona in her first trip to Mississippi.
Her driver, Valerie Pichette tells News 25 it’s the feeling she gets behind the wheel that has her hooked on auto cross.

“It’s just a rush you come off the course and you just want to do it again it’s so much fun!”
– Valerie Pichette

Auto cross coordinators say they have fans who follow them from state to state to watch the hot-rods strut their stuff.
And spectators can peel out with the big shots too with “share the ride.”

“Anybody who comes up can sign a waiver and hop in one of our share a ride vehicles and have the ride of your life.”
– Brian Finch

“And when you get out the car your hair looks like this because share the ride gives you the whole experience.’
– Gina Thompson

“It’s adrenalin for me for sure. And all the riders that ride with us they love it.”
– Gerald Gregory

“It’s just a technical course for you to learn what your car does and doesn’t do very well and learn as a driver yourself having control of the vehicle.”
– Brian Finch

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