Author Releases Book on the Black Barber

It’s an inside look at how the African-American barber played an important role in other black Americans settling across our country.
“Knights of the Razor: Black Barbers in Slavery and Freedom” is the newest book by USM history professor Dr. Douglas Bristol Jr. In his book, Dr. Bristol delves into how black barbers were able to beat the odds and succeed as businessmen, even though a large part of their patrons were white, during a time of slavery and extreme racial tensions. The barbers were also able to be some of the first blacks to settle in big cities like Chicago and Seattle.
Dr. Bristol said, “I had to get the idea that people had not appreciated how the tradition of business success in the black community. As I kept looking at different studies, in different communities, once again and again, who stood out as the most successful businessman but the local black barber? I want them to learn that despite being under the gun, despite being slaves, despite living in Jim Crow that people who have grit and ingenuity can be incredibly successful and can be really interesting and funny while they’re at it, too.”
Dr. Bristol’s book can be found on Amazon.

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