Attorney Michael Crosby defends Mark Wells after alleged assault

The man accused of biting the nose off another man during a fight last week wants to set the record straight on what happened. He hopes to get the charges dismissed.

News 25’s Sabria Reid sits down with the defendant’s lawyer, Michael Crosby, for his side of the story.

According to Attorney Michael Crosby it appears the incident is a huge misunderstanding. He provides pictures of injuries sustained by Mark Wells, hoping to provide evidence he was defending himself during the altercation.  Be warned, some of the images you are about to see can be disturbing to some.

“He comes to me as a man who has no criminal history.”

According to a Bay St. Louis police press release, police responded to a complaint of assault in the parking lot of the Hollywood Casino on November 28th.

The investigation determined 51-year-old Mark Wells bit the nose off of a man whose identity has not been released.

Wells fled the scene, charged with felony mayhem, which carries a penalty of up to seven years in prison.

Two days later, Wells turned himself in to Hancock County jail, paying ten percent of his $50,000 bail and was released.

Crosby said, “Regrettably, it was misunderstood. He was attacked, my client was jumped on viciously in the parking lot.”

Crosby claims his client was only trying to break up a fight among relatives and ended up attacked. “My client was bitten on his arm, on his neck, his eyes were clawed. You could still see the tears on his face. You could actually still see the teeth marks embedded all over his body.”

According to Crosby, Wells acted in self-defense. “My client’s neck or jugular vein was being bitten very hard. It’s the position of his face, put it right over the nose. Before you knew it, this terrible thing happened and my client feels terrible about what happened.”

Wells shows proof of injuries to his face and body from the incident and only hopes to get the case dismissed once all the facts are presented in court. “We are going to defend him to the fullest and he will be found ‘not guilty.’”

No court date has been set for the case as of yet.

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