Attempted Suicide by Cop

Authorities are investigating an attempted suicide by cop incident on Quail Circle Drive in D’iberville.
Police Chief Wayne Payne tells News 25 officers received a call this morning of a burglary in progress. D’iberville police arrived on scene to find an 18-year-old male holding a rifle outside of the home. When they asked the suspect to drop the gun he began to raise his weapon. An officer pulled the trigger but the suspect was not shot.
Officials say a note was found inside the home indicating the suspect wanted to end his life. Deputy Chief Clay Jones with D’iberville police tells News 25 this puts an emotional strain on both parties. “Not only do you have the suspect in the case that also needs to be treated for their mental stability and things of that nature and any kind of physical issues they might have but also it weighs heavy to the officers who respond to the call, they have to go home at the end of the day and we always say that we don’t want to take the job home with us but absolutely we do.”
The suspect is in custody and was not injured during the shooting. The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department is taking over the investigation.

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