Attempted Gas Station Robbery in Pascagoula

Pascagoula Police Department wants your help to capture a man involved in an armed robbery attempt. News 25’s Hank Davis brings us more on the ongoing investigation.
Residents in Jackson County should be on alert as the search continues for a suspect involved in the attempted robbery of a service station near the intersection of Highway 90 and Chicot Road in Pascagoula early this morning.
Authorities are on the lookout for an unidentified masked man who was unable to get any money, but did shoot the cashier that was working at a Murphy Express gas station. The name of the employee that was injured in the robbery hasn’t been released, but she is currently in stable condition. “The clerk was struck. She is in New Orleans looking to undergo surgery to remove the bullet which was lodged in her back,” said Lt. Doug Adams with Pascagoula PD.
A physical description of the man puts him between 5’10 and six feet tall, a black man weighing somewhere from 160 to 170 pounds. “Photos that we sent out of that mask, appears to be a homemade mask if you’ll notice. It looks like maybe a toboggan with New Orleans Saints on it or maybe a scarf that somebody homemade for him. We’re hoping that somebody will recognize the mask or maybe just the clothes he was wearing and give us an idea of who this possibly could be,” said Lt. Adams.
Investigators urge anyone that might recognize the man captured in surveillance images to come forward. “They’re following up on every lead that they get. We encourage people to call Pascagoula Police Department or Crime Stoppers if they have any information regarding this investigation and we’ll follow up on every lead that we get,” said Lt. Adams.

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