Attack of the 700-year-old tree

A family in D’Iberville is suffering following somewhat of a natural disaster in their front yard over the weekend.  A tree fell through the center of their home. This tree, a great oak, estimated to be at least 700-years-old.

It was around 4:30 Friday morning of Mother’s Day Weekend when Erica Sutton, D’Iberville native and mother of two, received a call from her mother’s home, fearing the worst, as one family member told her he thought there had been an explosion. “Everyone in the house did not know what was going on. They just heard the loud noise and started screaming, making sure everyone was ok. There were four people sleeping inside the house.”

That explosion was the great oak tree which had fallen right down the center of the home. No one was injured, but the home suffered serious damage. “The roof needs to be replaced, the porch is gone, air conditioning ducts, insulation, a new doorway, that’s gone. There’s no door.”

This isn’t any old great oak; it’s a very old great oak. One tree service estimates it to be hundreds of years old. And how Sutton describes it, it’s been a staple of her mother’s yard for years and a huge part of this land for centuries: seven to be exact. “I love my mom and we love the house, but we love the tree and we want the tree to be saved. We don’t want the rest of the tree to fall down.”

Sutton says they are trying their best to not only repair the home, but also save tree.

If you or someone you know would like to help this family in their recovery process, a GoFundMe page is available at

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