Atlanta Braves World Series trophy on the Coast

The Atlanta Braves have been an MLB franchise for 151 years which means their most recent World Series trophy is now one with the people for 151 stops across the southeast.

Next stop, Biloxi, with die-hard fans gathering at the town green this afternoon for their chance to take a trophy with the shiny Commissioner’s Trophy.

Already more than six months removed from that game six win over the Houston Astros, this moment is still just as surreal as it was then for the lifelong fans that waited 26 years for this very moment.  Braves fan Jeffery Collum said, “It’s definitely more real now to see it up close. But I’ll tell you what, nothing really compares to just being there for those games and feeling it and just knowing it’s on the brink and that it’s been so long.”

Braves fan Heather Butler said, “It is just gorgeous in person, I will say. It is a lot shinier and a lot bigger than I thought. I mean clearly, it’s on my shirt. But it is just something else to see in person.”

Braves fan Marcos Butler said, “It’s one thing to see it behind the plexiglass in the stadium and another thing to see it with nothing in between you and the trophy itself in person.”

If you missed it today, next stop for the World Series trophy is Mobile’s Cooper Riverside Park from 3 to 6 p.m. tomorrow.

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