The Asgard Motorcycle Club Toy Ride

More than seven hundred motorcyclists joined forces Sunday to try and make every child’s Christmas special.
The Asgard Motorcycle Club has hosted the Toy Ride for the past 33 years. They join forces with other clubs and riders for a chance to give back. There were four stops on the ride. The toys they gathered filled up an 18 wheeler.
All the donations will end up being spread around the Coast to Catholic charities so that anyone in need of a gift for their child has a chance to give them a special toy. Buff with Asgard Motorcycle Club said, “Here it is Sunday and a lot of people are sitting on their couch and yes football is coming on, but get up and do something for your community. Give back. This is the start of the holiday season and it’s giving back to the kids. There’s a lot of suffering and you might think you got it bad but there are people a lot worse off. Enjoy what you got and give what you can whether it’s a toy here or a volunteer there, but get up and give back to your community and make this Gulf Coast what it is even better.”
The Biloxi Fire Department and Fire Museum joined in and donated their money and time to purchase 26 bikes for some lucky boys and girls in the community.

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