Artists Put Up Show in Vieux Marche for Cruisin’ the Coast

Because Cruisin’ has grown so much this year, the Biloxi block party was expanded to the Vieux Marche area.

Vieux Marche is seeing a comeback this year with restaurants and businesses popping up, and to beautify the area, local artists are putting nearly 50 pieces of artwork in office windows and balconies. One of the artists involved is News 25’s own Rich Kopp. Kopp and about two dozen other artists are involved in the project called Revieux. Both the art project and expanded Cruisin’ events means even more of an economic boost for the Vieux Marche area.

Woody Bailey, Director of Cruisin’ the Coast, says, “So as you will see we’ve gone back further north to accommodate all the Cruisin’ vehicles that are here today. Tremendous turnout and so that means, translates into keeping these businesses busy today, and they come here today, if they hadn’t been here before, hopefully they’ll come back during the week and enjoy eating and shopping experiences as well.”

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