Arkansas students visit IMMS

Students from Arkansas were here on the Coast this week learning some very valuable lessons about the environment.

They’ve traveled a long way to learn about the Gulf Coast: eight hours to be exact. These fifth grade students from Arkansas spent some time at the IMMS getting a hands-on educational experience. Fifth grade teacher Rebecca Shelman said, “Well, we come from a small rural community, mostly farming, and most of our kids do not have opportunities to leave our state.”

The students had a lot of unique experiences like dissecting sharks and learning about the impact they all have on our environment. Fifth grade student Maci Sickel said, “It is important because people need to know how to keep the ocean healthy and that a lot of animals are going to be extinct.”

The students had a chance to get hands on with some of the animals that live right here on the Coast. Jenna said, “This generation needs to learn. They need to learn that pollution affects any type of life from the birds to the sea turtles to the marine mammals.”

One of the main points that the IMMS taught the students is the age old saying: ‘reduce, reuse, recycle.’ It is safe to say many of them will share their new found knowledge of the Coast with their friends back in Arkansas. “I am going to tell everyone that next time they go to the ocean or any water environment that they need to try to not litter and keep the ocean clean.”

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