Arbor Day tree giveaway

They’re planting seeds across South Mississippi as hundreds of Coast residents lend a hand in Mississippi’s Arbor Day Celebration, a day that always lands on the second Friday in February in our state.
As the old saying goes, the early bird gets the worm, but on this day, it’s a tree. Just ask Chris Flynn, who brought along his two sons, Mason and Gavin. “I had to wake him up this morning, but I said we’re going to get us some baby trees and then he was excited and he was ready to go. We just wanted to come and get some trees and let them grow and watch them as they grow.”
Orange Grove Rotary Club President Steve Howard hopes these little seeds will go a long way as they plant them at a local school. “It’s important that we replace the trees that we are losing each year. The fact that we’re doing this is a group project. Our rotary club has a huge presence up here in Orange Grove, showing what one person can do for another.”
Volunteer Lorraine Santo said, “I am helping the Orange Grove Rotary. I got three seedlings and they’re going to be planting them at one of the schools in Harrison County. I just thought it was my duty to come out here and help them.”
This event has been put on for more than 75 years and leaders with the Harrison County Soil and Water Conservation District tell News 25 this could be the biggest turn out yet. Buck Johnson with the Harrison County Soil and Water Conservation District said, “We’ve given away Magnolias, live Oaks, Shumar Oaks, White Oak, and just every kind of tree you can imagine.”
Commissioner Margaret Hudson says this community outreach giveaway helps spread their message, along with the seeds of replenishing. “A lot of development goes on and people get property, the first thing they want to do is push down their trees and things like that. This helps the soil, helps absorb the water and things like that, and I think that’s important as far as conservation is concerned.”

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