Apollo 13 Astronaut Returns to the Coast

Apollo 13 astronaut and Biloxi native Fred Haise made his way back to the Gulf Coast this evening.
He was the keynote speaker for multiple events throughout the day including a Military Officers Association gala on Keesler Air Force Base. A crowd of nearly 200 spent the evening learning about his experience in the military and as a pilot on Apollo 13.
Haise tells News 25 his favorite memory is test-flying the Space Shuttle Enterprise in 1977. “And we had no back up vehicle. The next vehicle in line, Columbia, could not have flown that program. It would have cost us about a year, year and a half, had I crashed the airplane. I felt a lot of pressure. Obviously I was very elated the test flights went well and the shuttle programs continued on its way.”
Haise received several honors throughout his career such as the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the NASA Distinguished Service Medal.

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