Annual Windy Swetman Kettlethon

The sounds of the holidays are resounding at one popular Biloxi intersection.

Since before dawn, fundraisers for the annual Windy Swetman Kettlethon have lined the intersection at Porter Avenue and Biloxi, collecting money for the Salvation Army.

This has become a holiday tradition for Windy Swetman, his family and friends.

Earlier today, Windy Swetman, his father, and younger brother, along with a few other bellringers were collecting donations for the non-profit.

Swetman says now more than ever people need extra help due to the additional financial burdens from COVID. “You’ve noticed this year you’ve not heard the bells ringing as you walk in and out of stores when usually we’d have bellringers there. Certainly, the need is greater in our communities. We just wanted to make sure this particular event continues. We’re out here just ringing the bells and raising money. It’s a wonderful opportunity.”

This is the eighth year the Windy Swetman Kettlethon for the Salvation Army has been held.

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