Annual storm preparedness newsletter

Residents of Biloxi can soon expect a wealth of information regarding storm safety to appear in their mailboxes.
Every August as we approach the peak of hurricane season, the City of Biloxi distributes a storm and flood preparedness newsletter. The purpose of this outreach is to place potentially life-saving information in the hands of those living in or around areas that are the most prone to impact during tropical storms, hurricanes or other significant rain events.
Cecilia Dobbs Walton with the City of Biloxi public affairs said, “We don’t want people to be ‘oh, no there’s just a storm’ and then try to gather up what they need to do. This 12 page newsletter has information such as evacuation routes, information about shelters, information about things that people need to do to prepare, things that if a storm is in the area or comes through the area, what people need to do after. Things about hiring a contractor, just some safety tips for people so just gives one place for people to find a lot of basic information to prepare for a storm.”
You can also log on to the City of Biloxi’s website and click the storm and flood preparedness link for more information.

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