Annual Crawfish Boil Fundraiser for Jolly Circus kick off

Twenty-one local organizations received a check from the Bacot McCarty Foundation during their annual Jolly Crawfish Kickoff.

The fundraising event is an opportunity for local organizations to give and receive money toward its cause.

Local non-profits like Make-A-Wish, Center Stage, the Boys and Girls Club of Jackson County, and Lynn Meadows, to name a few, accepted checks totaling $75,000.

Long-time partner the IP Casino Resort and Spa donated $100,000 to the foundation for 2022. Bacot McCarty Foundation Executive Director Todd Trenchard said, “These organizations are like family to us and I guess everybody coming back together it’s not just us getting to see them, but them getting to see each other. I see people that talk about how each other’s doing. They start working together in a collaborative effort. You just build a stronger community when you put on events like this.”

Celebrating 20 years of success, the Jolly Circus is May 13th and 14th.

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