Americorps Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Friday, Americorps celebrated its 20th anniversary of service in the United States. As President Barack Obama and cities across the nation celebrate Americorps’ 20th anniversary, Habitat for Humanity welcomes eight Americorps volunteers to the Gulf Coast.

Genie Talbert is one of the eight and is in her fourth term with Americorps. She says each project has been a unique and rewarding experience. Talbert says, "I felt like that was really meaningful too because you go in and it’s like you get to see how that’s making a difference in some people’s lives. Some of the homeowners that we worked with have been really nice people and it was nice to get to go in and for them to see what you’re doing."

Americorps was started by former President Bill Clinton in 1993, and engages about 75,000 Americans each year. Friday, Clinton and Obama celebrated the success of Americorps and the positive influence it’s had on so many lives. President Obama says, "The sense of common purpose that it cultivates, the opportunity to join our fellow Americans to work together for something other than just ourselves, for something bigger, for the common good."

This week, the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity will work with the Americorps volunteers to complete a home in Gautier. Habitat supervisors say in their experience, Americorps has provided some of the most dedicated volunteers they’ve seen. Joel Bishop, Habitat for Humanity Site Supervisor, says, "It takes a special person to be an Americorps. They get paid very little to do what they do. Every one of them do this because they want to, it’s not because they have to or are being forced to. They come out. They do a lot of hard work."

As Americorps and Habitat put the finishing touches on the home, their dedicated service is honored across the nation.

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