American Red Cross Needs Volunteers

Disaster can strike at any time as it did in Louisiana last month. The American Red Cross is in desperate need of volunteers.
Seventeen hundred volunteers remain in the areas of Louisiana affected by flooding and the Red Cross still has 13 shelters open for those who still cannot go back to their homes.
Volunteers have not been relieved since the flooding struck three weeks ago which is why the Red Cross held a special training today for volunteers.
The Red Cross is especially in need of shelter workers and is asking anybody who is willing and capable to sign up and get trained. Executive Director of the Southeast Chapter of the American Red Cross John McFarland said, “The biggest thing is they’ve got to be willing to deploy for at least seven days at a time. This is not a one day job. Most of our volunteers will deploy for at least seven to fourteen days at a time. That’s the thing they’ve got to be willing to do. We have ongoing training because the need is so great. We’re trying to get several people at one time.”
For more information on how you can become a volunteer, visit

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