Alzheimer Association gives tips on caregiving

The Alzheimer Association is teaching people how to have difficult conversations at the Homestead Assisted Living Community.

They hosted a lunch and learn for people to attend who are looking to learn more about caring for someone who has Alzheimer disease.

The main focus is how to have difficult conversations about doctor appointments, driving, and finances.

Being a caregiver can be overwhelming at times. It’s often difficult to balance caring for yourself and another person.

The Alzheimer Association offers a caregiver stress test and a 24/7 hotline to help caregivers.

They gave us a helpful tip that some people may need to hear. Alzheimer Association Walk Manager for MS Azia Gutierrez said, “You’re taking on usually your same full-time roles that you already had, plus now all these roles for another person. So, taking care of your own self first, making sure your appointments are taken care of, your health – all the ways that you’re eating, you’re exercising. All those things that we know we’re supposed to be doing, we need to make sure that we’re maintaining those for ourselves.”

If you or a caregiver you know is struggling with their mental health, they can call the hotline number at 800-272-3900.

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