Aloha Glamour opens at the Gulfport Premium Outlet


Bringing color and culture to South Mississippi, a new and one-of-a-kind business opens at the Gulfport Premium Outlet.

Aloha Glamour is the world’s first Afro-Waiian clothing boutique. What started off as an in-home business grew to make appearances in local pop-up shops and today has its own physical store front. Aloha Glamour Founder and CEO Alexis Williams said, “Every time you wear Aloha Glamour, it’s a fashion show. So, people are going to be here in their favorite Aloha Glamour pieces. We’re going to have the chamber of commerce here. We’re going to have family and friends and we’re also giving out discounts all weekend because this is a historical event.”

This black-owned business has been featured in over 36 national publications including Forbes and GQ.

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