Allen Toyota owner purchases Blow Fly Inn

Current Allen Toyota owner and Tripletails partner Jonathan Allen is dipping his toes further into the food business by purchasing the Blow Fly Inn.

The restaurant was founded in 1955 and has been a staple to Gulf Coast residents — including Allen.

Allen plans to make some minor changes as the new owner, such as remodeling as well as a few menu changes.

He also plans to rename the restaurant to Blow Fly Bar and Grill due to the confusion it caused some tourists who were looking for places to stay.

Allen says the connection he made to eat at the restaurant growing up played a major factor in this purchase. “Gulfport and South Mississippi have been really great to me and my family, and I really want to pay it back and the chance to own the Blow Fly – a long time local favorite – is my chance to give back to this community and bring back something that has always been a really nice blessing for people and I hope to be able to continue that for many decades to come.”

Allen hopes to get the Blow Fly back open sometime in mid-November.

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