Allen Beverages Named PepsiCo’s Donald M. Kendall Bottler of the Year

Out of all 50 states, the best Pepsi Bottling Company is right here in our backyard.
Allen Beverages of Gulfport qualified for PepsiCo’s Donald M. Kendall Bottler of the Year award for their outstanding performance, their growth in the past two years and their involvement in the community.
Drew Allen and his son, Andrew, say this is a huge testament to their team of workers at Allen Beverages and the Gulf Coast who continue to support them despite the many trials and hard times the Coast has seen.
Drew Allen, president and CEO of Allen Beverages Inc., said, “We in South Mississippi have been through lots of trials and tribulations over the past 10 years, you know with Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill and the economy. This is not only for our employees and all of our front line people but also for the coast of Mississippi.”
Andrew Allen, general manager-designate, said, “I have already talked to everybody and we’re looking to be the first company to do it two years in a row.”
Allen Beverages supports local charities such as Feed My Sheep and the Salvation Army.

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