All Clear at Mississippi State

Mississippi State University President Mark Keenum and MSU police issued an all clear and at 2:00 this afternoon, students were back in class and a suspect was in custody.
WCBI’s R.H Brown was on campus during those tense moments. He joins us from the MSU Drill Field in Starkville.
There was a massive search on the MSU campus on Thursday. Chief Vance Rice with MSU Police said, “They reported to us that they were on the phone with a caller that was on the Drill Field here at Mississippi State University. The subject was threatening both homicide and suicide. At that time, all officers immediately responded to the area.”
Safety being the number one priority, erring on the side of caution, the MSU Maroon Alert identified the person posing a credible threat to safety as a shooter on campus. Sid Salter, MSU Public Affairs, said, “We don’t wait around for a student or a staffer or a faculty member to be injured, we implement the policy as soon as that threat is recognized. I think every entity and agency of this size deals with it on that basis and that’s certainly why we did as well.”
That threat, police say, came from a MSU freshman from Madison, Fhu-Qui Kong Nguyen. They call him Bill. “He was taken into custody without an incident,” said Rice, “He did not have a weapon on him at the time.”
MSU President Dr. Mark Keenum said, “The good news in all of this, if there is any good news in a situation like this, no weapon, no weapon at all. No shot was fired, there have been no shots fired on our campus today. No one is injured as a result of this.”
There will be drill and upgrading of procedures on response to threats like this. A table top exercise is set for the next 40 days.

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