Algix business concept around algae blooms

In an effort to help rid the Mississippi Sound of harmful algae, a company based in Meridian wants to lend a helping hand.

Algix is interested in creating value around algae biomass to create products, awareness, materials, and an economy around algae as a tool to clean the environment.

The company’s goal isn’t to clean all the algae out of the ocean, but prevent issues like this in the future by creating a business concept that shows water pollution is actually an opportunity. Shoe companies like Adidas, Toms, Clarks, and many more use bioplastic material to make more eco-friendly shoes.

Algix owner Ryan Hunt says hopefully Mississippi lawmakers will realize the need and get on board with a solution.  “I think it’s going to take some time to bring together funding and for lawmakers to realize this is a problem worth fighting and there is a solution. Our approach is let’s demonstrate a viable solution and an economical solution that’s practical and at the end of the day can provide jobs to Americans creating new materials and create new exciting eco-friendly products.”

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