Alcoholic Beverage Control continuing operations as normal in Mississippi

Originally it was under the discussion that the Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Control would not be accepting new orders this week. However, there is some clarification and they are resuming business as usual with taking in orders.

The Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Control is experiencing record breaking liquor sales. Compared to this time last year there is a 29 percent increase. They normally can deliver orders within a day or two, but now their customers are experiencing wait times like never before. Drinx Wine and Liquor Warehouse Owner John Kentzel said, “We’re putting in orders, not getting them for two weeks. We have around 82,000 out right now, more than 500 cases we are waiting on. We’re still not able to order everything in the store.”

For Drinx Wine and Liquor Warehouse, despite the shipment delays and shortage of certain items, there are some pros to the pandemic. “We had our most profitable month last June. We are selling everything even with everything being out of stock. People just have to get what they don’t want most of the times.”

Vernon and Jessica Wilson, owners of Skeeters in Gulfport, said they foresaw getting alcohol orders becoming an issue. “We noticed there was a trend taking the alcohol longer to get in from the state. Based on that information, we made an assumption; we placed a very large order actually.”

Business at Skeeters is steadily getting better after they were allowed to be open past 10. Yet, with steady business, once again they will need to be placing more alcohol orders soon. That large order won’t last forever with demand like this. “A couple weeks, I mean we order every week, that was probably two and a half times what we normally order. We anticipate placing orders again this week as well.”

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