Alabama Crimson Tide defeats Mississippi State Bulldogs

Make that 15 straight losses to Alabama for Mississippi State, although the Bulldogs did score their first touchdown against the Crimson Tide of the Mike Leach era in Saturday’s 30-6 loss.

Although it didn’t come without some comic relief during the post-game press conference as Leach addresses his biggest fear, following a game in which Will Rogers only completed 50 percent of his passes thanks to a plethora of dropped passes. “If me and the other coaches don’t get them right, that about a generation from now, their kids and their grandkids won’t have hands. Because from a lack of use, those hands just disappear. I mean maybe they’ll be like this like those dinosaur hands like this are, you see. And you’ve got a Tyrannosaurus Rex, who’s clearly good at eating things, big old jaws and all that stuff, fairly athletic, can run, but his hands are like this. And I think we took a very, very, very big step as a team, which we have to correct this. We have to correct this because I think that in the end, it’s going to be best for all of these guys that they have good hand development and that they don’t evolve to where they don’t have hands, okay? But we definitely didn’t use ours, so there certainly wasn’t any genetic reinforcement on our part that we should maintain our hands. And I don’t want all of a sudden, guys driving across this country, and then they get to Starkville, Mississippi, and all of a sudden there’s these athletic looking, friendly guys, because we have great guys, that don’t have any hands. And I hope that that’s not the case, but that’s where we’re headed right now, and we’re going to try to get that fixed in this off-week.”

After the bye week, Mississippi State hosting Auburn in Starkville at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, November 5th on ESPN2.

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