Air Expeditionary Force Compound Expansion at Keesler Air Force Base

Keesler Air Force Base has expanded its Air Expeditionary Force Compound to increase the efficiency of simulated training for the 338th training squadron.

To help airmen and women in the 338th training squadron reach their fullest potential, Keesler Air Force Base expanded their air expeditionary force compound to increase the efficiency of simulated deployment training. Lt. Col. Tobiah Jones said, “Our previous air expeditionary force site was remotely located about 200 yards from our school house and it was difficult for students to transport their equipment and it was also in, the proximity to the flight line was such that it required a waiver to use the site.”

The site is 85 percent larger with a classroom and four concrete pads. “We can do intra-squadron training, meaning that our network systems operations students can train together with our radio frequency transmission students and we can also do inter-squadron training on the site.”

With everything in one area, students will have more time to engage in their simulated deployment training. Instructor Supervisor Samuel Schilling said, “During the course of their time here, they will learn how to set up, maintain, and repair troubleshoot equipment.”

To give the feeling of being in a combat environment air expeditionary force tents are set up. “It’s very important because like I said, this is the initial communications. Once they arrive on base, they have to let the whole space nation know that they are on-site that way they can request supplies, request follow on support if needed, and without that they have no communication with the outside world.”

This expansion improves training for roughly 1,900 airmen and women annually in the radio frequency transmission and cyber transport courses.

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