Aftermath of Hurricane Nate

Cities continue to clean up after Hurricane Nate swept through the gulf coast over the weekend. News 25’s Laurene Callander takes us to Biloxi with more.
Hurricane Nate may be gone but the clean up here in south Mississippi is just beginning. “It’s good to see everybody cleaning up, the crews cleaning up. Yeah it’s not going to take them for them to come back. A lot of DOT out, they’re cleaning everything up.”
Biloxi police officers blocked traffic as MDOT crews dumped excess sand from Highway 90, one of the biggest concerns after Hurricane Nate swept through the Gulf Coast Saturday night. Michael Flood with MDOT said, “There’s still sand that needs to be removed there are still lights and signals that are being repaired but our crews are going to be out here working until they get them all repaired and cleared and until then we’re just trying to advise people to not travel in this section of the road if possible.”
A huge boat washed up on shore in Biloxi and has literally become a tourist attraction, drawing in crowds taking pictures of the aftermath of Nate. Florida Resident Lea Rashka said, “We decided to come over here for breakfast and then we saw this unusual sighting here on the beach. It’s not normal to see a boat like this, a beautiful boat like this, on the beach.”
Numbers in Harrison County show an average storm surge of 8 and a half feet, winds in west Biloxi whipping at 85 miles per hour, plus rainfall estimated at 4 and a half inches total.
Biloxi officials tell News 25 the city dodged a bullet. Major Jim Adamo said “We got lucky. It was unfortunate that the cruisers had to go home early but better safe than sorry.”

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