After-prom shooting victim meets officer who helped her

In the midst of all the tragedy following the post-prom shooting, there is a bright spot.

Waveland Officer Troy Bordelon, who found one of the shooting victims and made sure she got to Memorial Hospital safely, met the 16-year-old girl.

According to a post made by Bordelon’s wife, Shanna, Lauren Lawless asked to meet Bordelon to thank him.

Lawless was shot twice and was finally able to return home last week after spending some time in the ICU.

Shanna Bordelon’s post said: “It was clear that Troy was her person that night, the one that made her feel safe, the one that came running to her when fight or flight kicked in and all the other kids went running away, the one who didn’t leave her side. The one who talked to her to keep her comfortable and distracted from the trauma she had just endured.”

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