Affordable Housing Vote

Will new affordable housing neighborhoods soon be coming to Biloxi? Tomorrow the city council is set to vote on whether or not the new subdivisions will become a reality. The city is looking to potentially sell 14 acres of land for just north of 523-thousand dollars. City officials say houses in the area would be for working families in the 20 to 40 thousand dollar a year income range. If passed, the city would sell land located at the old city barn site at the east end of division street, the site of O’Reilly park on division as well as well as a third site on Holley Street. The majority of land up for grabs falls into the ward represented by Biloxi city councilman Felix Gines.
Felix Gines, Biloxi city councilman tells News 25, “Housing would mean repopulating the area. As you know, we are kind of a food desert and we’re looking to get a grocery store. And by repopulating our area, I would enable us to look at possibly bringing in a grocery store in the area.” The city plans to vote on the affordable housing initiative of Tuesday afternoon.

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