Activists demand answers in shooting death of infant La’Mello Parker

Protesters on the corner of Jones Park in Gulfport demanded transparency from law enforcement Saturday in the wake of the shooting death of three-month-old La’Mello Parker in May.

The Mississippi Rising Coalition and the American Descendants of Slavery rallied in front of Highway 90 more than 170 days after the child’s death.

Gulfport Police, Mississippi Highway Patrol, and Harrison County Sheriff’s deputies were on the scene during the shooting while trying to apprehend the Louisiana boy’s father on Interstate 10.

None of the agencies have released body cam footage of the incident. ADOS Mississippi President Leo Carney said, “Our organization is here to assist with policy demands for our organization. We want to change the policies surrounding the Mississippi public records act so that we can get access to this information so we can give closure to a lot of these families and so we can prevent incidents like this from happening in the future.”

The boy’s father, 38-year-old Eric Smith, was suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend and her nephew in Baton Rouge before he died in the shooting earlier this year.

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