Active shooter prevention class at the Lyman Senior Center

Senior centers along Harrison County are going the extra mile to ensure their seniors are safe.

Lt. Robert Lincoln held an active shooter prevention class for all senior center staff members across Harrison County.

The class is a two-hour long presentation that shows how people respond to emergency situations psychologically and then how to use that to their advantage.

The basic of the class is A-D-D, which means avoid the attack, deny them access to you, or defend yourself.

Lt. Lincoln told News 25 that it is very important to him that he keeps seniors safe. “We have senior centers all over the Coast and these are like our most valuable people, you know. We have children and senior citizens, and those are the people we really need to protect the most and all these people are out here just to learn what to do and how to respond to any kind of threat that happens.”

If you are interested in bringing this class to your group or business, you can email Lt. Lincoln at

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