ACLU Responds to School Dragging Video Greenville, MS

The American Civil Liberties Union is speaking out after a video surfaces of a Greenville teacher dragging a student across the floor by her hair.
The video was posted to Facebook and has since gone viral.
You can see the teacher grabbing the student by the hair and dragging her across the floor of the Greenville High School gym floor.
It appears the teacher even hits the girl on the forehead after she sits down.
ACLU officials say they are confident appropriate actions will be taken against the teacher, but say this sheds light on something bigger. Executive Director of Mississippi’s chapter Jennifer Riley-Collins says, “This is a larger issue across the state. Mississippi must do more to ensure protection of our children. It is incumbent on state leaders, the education community and all of us to strategically align policy with best practices that protect the rights of all children. It’s past time for Mississippi to keep our students safe.”

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