A New App Helps Fishermen Keep Track of Red Snapper

For anglers ready to get out and catch some red snapper today, but are having trouble keeping up with how many you have, don’t worry…there’s now an app for that.
This is the first year recreational fishermen and captains of “for hire” vessels are required to report their red snapper harvest. To make it easier, the Department of Marine Resources has created an app called “tails n scales”, a website and a call center to give local fishermen options so no fish gets left behind. Federal regulations limit how many snapper fisherman can catch but state regulations are much more lenient, but don’t benefit South Mississippi anglers. Bobby Williams, owner/operator, of Three Sons IV Charter Fishing, explains, “each state has different depths of water, and we’re one of the few states that have shallow water that has run so far that puts us in federal waters, where other states have deep water right off the coast, so they can catch the snapper and use state regulations, instead of federal regulations.”
The federal red snapper season starts today and runs until June 10th, but the Commission on Marine Resources has given DMR executive director Jamie Miller the authority to add a supplement state season.

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