9/29 – Rob Knight’s “Pretty Fall Weather Continues” Thursday morning Forecast

Fall is in the air! No rainfall is expected for the next few days. We are still experiencing some impacts across the area from pressure gradient differences. Strong northerly flow will be in place over the region for the next few days. Looks like the winds will continue to be northerly over the next few days, so any coastal flooding concerns are extremely unlikely.

The strong northerly flow will elevate winds in our area through late this evening. The dry weather may feel nice, but unfortunately, we will still have a concern for fire weather conditions today. Relative humidity will be between 25-30 percent during the daytime hours today with pockets of lower percentages. This dry environment combined with the gusty winds and abundance of fuels means that fire weather will be a concern over the next few days. A Fire Weather Watch has been issued for Thursday. Currently, confidence for fire concerns is not as high as it was in previous forecast cycles, but it will be close and impacts are likely (basically, it will still be dry and easy to start/burn fires more than usual). People need to be cautious when parking on grass and using cigarettes.

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