83 Yr Old Teacher at St. Alphonsus is Still Going Strong

This week is Catholic Schools Week and an 83 year old teacher at St. Alphonsus Catholic School in Ocean Springs is still following her passion for making differences in children’s lives. Thursday, she shared her story with News 25.

Loraine Schneider has always had a passion for teaching, and at the age of 83, she’s still going strong doing what she loves. Schneider, a math teacher at St. Alphonsus, says, "You just see how the children have grown and how much you can give to them you know, and I’m afraid someone out there is not going to be able to give them what I think I can give them."

Remember that teacher that made a difference in your life? Schneider has been making a difference in children’s lives since 1953. Leila Ransonet, a student, says, "I like her because she’s nice and helpful and because she taught me everything I know." Jagger Lofton, another student says, "I like it how she taught me math and helps me with my drawings."

Molly Moran, another student, says, "You can never leave her classroom, not knowing anything. She always teaches you something that you never knew."

Even her former students still keep in touch. Schneider also says, "Just watching the children grow and coming to me and telling me that this is what they’re doing now you know, I’m a teacher, I’m a doctor, or I’m a lawyer and things like that."

Not only do the children at St. Alphonsus love her, the rest of the staff says she’s simply a joy to be around and they sometimes even have trouble keeping up with her. Dr. Pamela Rogers, Principal at St. Alphonsus Catholic School, says, "She’s an inspiration to the rest of this staff. Some mornings you’ll get up and you think you might have an ache, or you think you might not want to go in, well she is here before all of us. Loraine is the first to arrive and the last to leave each day."

Schneider also says, "I love math, oh I love the numbers." While Schneider is passionate about numbers, one number she’s not so serious about is her age. She says, "I’m young, I’m 21!" Schneider says she’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Schneider closes, "Until Dr. Rogers tells me to get out! When she does I’ll take my keys with me, so I’ll be back!"

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