75-year-old woman killed by two pit bulls in Gulfport

According to Gulfport police, a 75-year-old woman was attacked and killed by two pit bulls on Deidra Court while on an early morning walk. Now, neighbors in the community are speaking up about the temperament of those dogs and past experiences that if taken seriously could have prevented the woman’s death.

“As I get outside, they’re pointing at the side of the camper like ‘the dogs, the dogs’ so I run over there and see that these two pits, they’re attacking my dog.” Savannah Gipson and Diana Jones, the neighbors of Emily Craft, the owner of the two pit bulls responsible for the attack say their dog Sebastian has been attacked three times by Craft’s pit bulls in the past. “When it first happened, I didn’t press charges on Ms. Emily because of her being my neighbor,” said Jones.

Jones says after the dogs charged at her during the second attack, she knew it was time to press charges.  “We don’t necessarily blame her, but the fact that it was her dogs that got into our yard then after the first instance she could have done something,” said Gipson

After the incident with the 75-year-old woman, Craft surrendered the dogs to Gulfport Animal Control. She was then arrested on the charges of dog at large and vicious animal in relation to the incident involving Gipson and Jones’ dog that happened in July 2017. “Actually we were scared to go into our own backyard, but I feel that if she would have done something with her dogs after the incident with my dog then maybe the 75-year-old woman would be alive today.”

Gulfport police report that the victim walked through the gate of the residence before being attacked. “Karma had just had puppies which is what I think might of struck her to do this because the lady came in the yard and you know she has puppies to protect,” said Gipson.

The victim of the attack was known by the Briarwood South subdivision as a sweet and kind lady who would walk around the neighborhood collecting cans for her church. “We’ve known her for years.” “This is almost an everyday thing of her walking around.” “She would come up, she would say ‘do you have any cans for me, sweetie?’”

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