75-year-old woman killed by two dogs in Gulfport

This morning, a 75-year-old woman was attacked and killed by two pit bulls in Gulfport.

According to Gulfport police, the two dogs attacked the unidentified woman after she opened a closed gate to a fenced yard in the 14400 block of Deidra Court while on an early morning walk. The woman succumbed to her injuries before emergency crews arrived on the scene.

The owner of the pit bulls has been identified as Emily Craft of Gulfport. Craft surrendered the dogs to Gulfport Animal Control. She was arrested on the charges of dog at large and vicious animal in relation to an incident that happened in July 2017. The incident involved her next door neighbors who stated that Craft’s two pit bulls entered their yard and attacked their Golden Retriever mix.

According to Savannah Gipson and Diana Jones, their dog, Sebastian, has been attacked three times by Clark’s pit bulls in the past. “Actually we were scared to go into our own backyard, but I feel that if she would have done something with her dogs after the incident with my dog, maybe the 75-year-old woman would be alive today,” said Jones.

“We don’t necessarily blame her, but the fact that it was her dogs that got into our yard, then after the first incident she could have done something like we asked her to, you know, block off the side of her fence that her dogs got into our yard with because we had already blocked ours off,” said Gipson.

After today’s arrest, Craft was processed and released from her residence. There are still no charges for today’s incident as it is still under investigation.

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