Ryan’s Tuesday Night Forecast

Tuesday night was much drier for the state than last night, although we saw some strong storms move through the area early this morning. After they passed through, the rest of the day was much drier despite being very overcast. The boundary that caused the storms is now mostly stationary and has weakened significantly and is only capable of creating a few thunderstorms and showers well South of the coastline. A new frontal system will move into the area with its warm/cold fronts over the next 2 days, causing widespread scattered showers with isolated thunderstorms from around noon tomorrow (Wednesday) through late Thursday evening. Thankfully, the severe threat at this time is below “marginal” meaning the likelihood of any of these storms being particularly dangerous is very low. Wrap-around moisture and residual showers will linger into Friday, but we will see clearing into the weekend, ultimately leading to a partly sunny Saturday and a beautiful start to next week.

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