6/14 – Night Rob’s “Some Storms Maybe?” Tuesday Evening Forecast

Although heat advisories weren’t up today, the numbers weren’t too far off from yesterday’s. Pascagoula again came in with a scorching real-feel temp of 110°, while most everywhere else was still above 100.
High pressure over the Midwest (and extending into the gulf) remains in control with hot condition persisting, but also limiting thunderstorm development. The high will retrograde westward over the next couple of days, allowing some storms to actually form to our east and then move westward over our area. However, there is still doubt as to how far this process will go, as latest forecast models have the high holding firm a bit. So, we’re still bumping up t-storm chances to 30% on Wed/Thu with a chance for a bust (nothing happens) those days. Even if storms occur, it would be the afternoon scattered type that fade around sunset.
Indications are that the high strengthens again later in the week, and combine with weak low pressure to our east, brings a west to northwest flow that cuts off the gulf moisture, at least temporarily…along with any cooling influence of the sea breeze. Thus, it’s possible that temps could rebound back to heat advisory levels by Friday or Saturday, followed by a drop in humidity on Sunday.

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