27th Annual Jackson County Industrial Trade Show

This is the 27th year for the Jackson County Industrial Trade Show. It’s a one day networking hub for both local and big businesses on the Coast. News 25’s Gina Tomlinson has the details.
The grounds of the Jackson County Industrial Trade Show were packed with people, products and opportunity where local businesses had the chance to network with bigger businesses all in one place. “It would take them months and months to make appointments with companies that are here today,” said Jackson County Trade Show Chair Person Joan Branson.
It was face-to-face interaction for employees working in fields such as management, electric and engineering. “Think about the amount of knowledge going on inside that building. It’s just tremendous,” said Branson.
Salesman Evan Berry works for the tractor and ATV company Ranchland. He says he attends national trade shows often but he tells News 25 he’s excited to showcase his products locally. “We found out about this one and we’re all over it. We were probably one of the first ones to sign up maybe.”
Belinda Green owns Gibson Motor Sales. She’s following in her mother’s path, a business woman who helped organize this trade show in the beginning. “They got a committee formed and went to work on it and started out small and each year it’s just grown and grown and grown.”
Back when the trade show had just began there were about 35 businesses here. Now, in its 27th year, that number has grown to 95. “Yes, I’m very proud. We’ve been involved in it every single year,” said Green.
The chamber of commerce put on the event with help from local sponsors. The networking doesn’t end here, the Jackson County Industrial Suppliers Association meets every other month. “That’s all they’re looking for is a chance,” said Branson.

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