51st Anniversary of Desegregation

Fifty-one years ago, black children walked into white schools for the very first time in Biloxi, changing history forever.
As a result of the Gilbert R. Mason V. the Biloxi Municipal School case, Biloxi elementary schools became integrated in 1964. The Biloxi school district was the first in Mississippi to desegregate.
Then in 1965, black teenagers entered the previously all white Biloxi High School for their senior year. Long time school administrator Dr. Paul Tisdale remembers the day it happened. “Actually went very smoothly. I mean, we just showed up for school the first day of school. When you’re in the eighth or ninth grade, you don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the news and we have kids of a different color that show up in a class or two, nice kids. We were curious about them, they were curious about us.”
The first elementary schools in Biloxi to integrate were Dukate, Gorenflo, Lopez and Jeff Davis.

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