5,000th robotic procedure performed at Memorial Health

Memorial Health in Gulfport has reached an exciting milestone with one of their surgical technologies.

The da Vinci System is used in the General Surgeries Department at Memorial Hospital. The sytem recently reached 5000 procedures completed. It provides a minimally invasive approach to surgeries.

Chief of the Department of Surgeries, Dr. Scott Blackwell, talked to us about the technology.

“We acquired the da Vinci System in 2010. It’s a robotics platform that allows surgeons to have different 3-D panoramic vision and better dexterity inside the patient’s abdomen during a laparoscopic case.”

The machine started with urology and reproductive-related procedures. It is now being used for more, such as cardiac, renal, and gynecologic procedures.

Dr. Blackburn says that the robotic surgery is preferred for quicker, easier recovery for a patient.

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