46th Slavic Invitational tees off in Biloxi-Jack

More than a thousand golfers from around the country packed their irons and headed to the Coast for the 46th annual Slavic Invitational after the tournament’s cancellation due to COVID last year.

Two-man teams will compete at five different locations on the Gulf Coast through Sunday. The invitational began nearly half a century ago as a fundraiser by the Slavic Benevolent Association of East Biloxi.

The tournament has since swelled to what it is now, pitting pros and amateurs together until the final 18 holes Sunday.

Pennsylvanian Scott Wullbrandt traveled across the U.S. for friendly competition and a shot at a cash prize. “It’s my first time and it’s been a blast so far and we haven’t even started playing yet, so hopefully it’ll be a great time today too. I’ll tell you what, people from the south are just nice. Like, I uh, in Pennsylvania people will just walk by you and not say hi to you. And people like, everybody I meet down here wants to stop and have a conversation with you.”

The golf tournament is among the largest in the world with more than 500 teams.

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