46th annual Italian Open at the Pass Christian Isles Golf Club

This Saturday, the Pass Christian Isles Golf Club will host the 46th annual Italian Open featuring food, drinks, golf, and flying meatballs.

In addition to the tournament, the club holds ten weeks of celebrations prior to the day of the open. During those ten days, the elected Mama Mia and Papa Pia oversee all the celebrations and fundraising.

The Mama Mia and Papa Pia also make an appearance at the opening tee times on the day of the tournament dressed to the nines in Italian apparel of their choosing.

If you’re not already wanting to check out the Italian Open PCI Golf Club President Stan Gill gives you one more reason why you should attend. “Actually, the tee time, normally in golf, is called a shotgun start where they actually used in the old days, they would shoot a shotgun in the air and tell everybody to start playing. This tradition starts– this tournament starts a little different. We actually have a big meatball for both the Mama Mia and the Papa Pia which we tee up on the very first tee and they both hit the meatball almost at the same time. And we go boom! The tournament has started.”

See the meatball tee off at 8 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Saturday.

If you’re interested in participating in the tournament this year, there are still tee times available in the morning. Reserve your time slot by contacting the Pass Christian Isles Golf Club.

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