43rd annual Slavic Golf Invitational

Over a thousand golfers are joining together for the 43rd annual Slavic Golf Tournament on the Coast this weekend.
Golfers teed off today to start the invitational. The championship at Fallen Oak Golf Course will wrap up on Sunday. In all, the tournament takes place on six different golf courses from Biloxi to Diamondhead.
Organizers say 22 states are represented and there would have been more participants from Texas and Florida, but the recent hurricanes kept some people from coming. Windance County Club General Manager Ricky Dombrowski said, “Because it’s a three day event and they also have three nights that are involved in it, it’s a great package, a great deal for those guys. You get a dinner at night and then you play golf during the day and the food is free, the drinking is free. It’s just a really great tournament at a great value for the players.”
Proceeds from the weekend’s tournament go toward scholarships for students on the Coast.

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