4/26 – Rob Martin’s “Crisp Nights” Tuesday Night Forecast

Northerly breezes behind our departing cold front will drop temps into the lower 50s tonight. It’ll remain dry Wednesday with highs in the upper 70s. Dry air tends to promote a larger difference between night and day temperatures, and that’s what we’ll have in the short term. The breeze is strong enough to warrant a small craft advisory for our coastal waters until 10 AM Wednesday morning, but winds will diminish in all areas later in the day. Wednesday night will be the coolest with lows right around 50 in the chillier low drainage areas (like Pascagoula).

Changes start Thursday night as high pressure drifts eastward enough to start a southerly flow over the region, and we’ll be around 60 for lows that night. Friday will be a transition day as humidity rises, but not enough to really feel it yet.  It ramps up further over the weekend, just in time for May 1st on Sunday, at which time it’ll feel a lot more like summer; highs in the mid 80s and lows around 70 with continued, deeper southerly flow off the gulf.
Without any true cold front approaching, an afternoon (summer-like) thunderstorm pattern will set up from Sunday into early next week. Overnight temps will remain elevated at this time, and any storms that develop will fizzle out with loss of daytime heating.

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