4/22 – Rob Martin’s “Any Weekend Rain?” Friday Evening Forecast

High pressure just to our east (and building) continues the strong southeasterly breeze through the weekend.  As result, the coastal flood advisory for low-lying areas has been extended into Sunday. This means that tides will continue running 1-2 feet above their normal levels through the weekend. This will result in nuisance flooding during high tides in a few areas susceptible. The breeze will calm down overnights and kick back in during the day.
As for temperatures, it’s a rising trend but a slow one. Daytime values will reach the low-mid 80s by Sunday/Monday, with overnights close to 70 for Sunday. Humidity will rise a bit above current levels, but nothing oppressive-feeling. Our seasonal Bermuda high has an extension into the eastern gulf, but the actual center is well-north over the mid-Atlantic region. As such, the source region around this high is actually from Canada, which initially is dry. It then picks up moisture across the Atlantic and brings it here from the east…not the Caribbean or southern gulf. This is why it won’t get super-muggy.
As for rain, the high migrates further east and eventually we get more of a southerly flow bringing some showers to our west on Sunday. It’s doubtful if anything gets here, and even if it does it won’t be a game-changer.
A cold front arrives Monday with the next significant threat of rain and thunderstorms, although it doesn’t look like a severe set-up at this point. Showers could last, or even peak into Tuesday, depending on timing of the front. We’ll cool down slightly behind the front for the middle part of next week.

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