38th Annual Coast Con Scheduled for This Weekend in Biloxi

This weekend, the Biloxi Convention Center will be filled with comic book lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and sci-fi fanatics. The Coast Con is the longest running convention in the Gulf Coast area.

The world of make believe and sci-fi fantasy is coming out of the pages of comic books and movies and into the Biloxi Convention Center this weekend for the 38th Annual Coast Con. Haiden Hazerd, a Coast Con cosplayer, says, "Coast Con to me is a really fun place for nerds and people that like sci-fi, anime, horror, and stuff like that to just come and meet other people who like the same stuff and you can just meet people who are like you here." Karen Lewis, Coast Con Social Media Director, says, "If you’re just into nerd and geek culture, this is the place to be this weekend."

Anyone from Doctor Who characters to X-Men characters may be spotted at the Coast Con this year, as cosplay has become a significant aspect of pop culture through the years. Hazerd also says, "Cosplay is taking your favorite character and just bringing them to life and dressing up as them, and it’s an escape. You get to be someone else for a day and you just get to have fun."

Coast Con has a lot to offer fans of pop culture, from cosplay contests to charity auctions, a room full of merchandise, and table top gaming. Jay Destarkey, owner of Underground Games, says, "We made this custom gaming table for today demoing battle tech. Best way to do it is, it’s a souped up game of chess, and you just get to destroy stuff, and it’s a lot of fun."

Coast Con also offers special guest appearances. Tony Amendola is known to sci-fi and fantasy fans for his television roles in Atargate-SG-1, Continuum, and Once Upon a Time. Amendola says, "Coming to the conventions are a way of meeting fans and sometimes meeting old friends as well, and I’ve never been to Biloxi, so I’m getting to stay right on the water there and you know, enjoy some of your wonderful Gulf shrimp."

The Coast Con will be at the Biloxi Convention Center until Sunday. Admission is only payable at the door.

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