37th Annual Candidates Forum held ahead of Tuesday’s primary elections in Mississippi

GULFPORT, Miss. (WXXV) — Time is winding down for residents across the area to decide who they are voting for in primary elections Tuesday, April 6.

North Gulfport Civic Club in conjunction with the Gulfport branch of the NAACP hosted their 37th Annual Candidates Forum at Isaiah Fredericks Community Center.

Citizens in the City of Gulfport came together over the weekend to listen to each candidate one last time before submitting their ballot on Tuesday.

Gary Fredericks, Gulfport branch NAACP President tells WXXV that it’s important to know exactly who you are voting for.

“The issues that are being addressed today are collaborative issues that every resident and tax payer in the City of Gulfport have concerns about, so this is an engagement to allow everyone that’s on the municipal ballot to participate in democracy,” Fredricks said.

Gulfport is the second largest city in the state of Mississippi and residents say that they want to see the city grow in all areas — not just in certain parts.

Chris Fisher, Political Action Coordinator for the North Gulfport Civic Club and the Gulfport branch of the NAACP says, “I’m concerned with what’s best for all of Gulfport. Unfortunately it seems like certain areas get more attention than others, and we don’t need that in our community. There is only a response when there is some kind of trauma or some kind of action. We need to not only be dealing with problems in our community, but we need to be finding solutions and promoting growth.”

The main goal of the Candidate’s Forum was to get people informed and to make sure people exercise their right to vote.

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